What the Fit and Fabulous Say About Brenda Star!

becky-standingI was having chronic sinus infections for over a year. I literally could not breathe without using nasal spray. After taking four rounds of antibiotics with no results, my doctor recommended nasal surgery. A friend suggested I see Brenda Star. I did, and the help and information I received from her changed my life !!! WIth Brenda’s help, I have altered my entire diet. I feel like a million bucks, have tons of energy, and have lost the weight I had gained to boot. I no longer have to use nasal sprays and did not have to undergo the invasive sinus surgery. With Brenda’s years of experience, I trust her guidance 100%. It is not a “quick fix”. It is a commitment to a lifestyle that makes sense and feels right. Becky Hobbs, Singer/Songwriter/Playwright

tammyWhen I found Brenda I was at the end of my rope with sinus headaches and chronic constipation. I never dreamed that the two were actually connected. She asked if I was committed to the process and I said yes. I knew clearing these issues were all that was left to heal for me to have optimal health. It took commitment and dedication to investing the time and money to my health and it also took dedication to sticking with the recommended diet. The results have been astonishing. I no longer have the 2 issues mentioned and I feel vibrant and alive. I have people ask all the time what is different. Because my eyes and skin are brighter, the inflammation and puffiness are gone and my mood is much lighter. Besides having my 2 chronic issues resolved I’ve gotten a few unexpected results as well. My natural hair color came back, I lost 15 pounds, and my life is flowing with much more ease. My entire life has changed and it’s because a systemic healing and clearing has occurred. But again, it was not a quick fix. But it was absolutely worth it to me. Tammy Roth, Author and Health Coach

jennifer-150dpi“I realized my health was spiraling downward everything about me changed. I used to sleep like a baby, had energy to move mountains and could take off weight. Now, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t lose the 70 lbs I had gained with my son, and all I wanted to do was sit and do nothing .. I started going from one doctor to another and each one put me on a new prescription medication. With each new medication to fix the side effects from the last medication, I was getting worse instead of better. Finally, I decided it was time to do something and get to the core of what was wrong with me. I got an appointment with Brenda Star and from that moment my life changed!!! She helped me get off all medications (there was 6 prescriptions!) and get my life back!! I began to see my health improving everyday. In one month I had lost several pounds. As each week and month passed I steadily got my health back. Brenda’s expertise in Iridology helps ensure that your health program is designed specifically for you. I consider going to Brenda Star one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, my health and my family. She literally helped give me my life back!” Jennifer McCarter

john-anderson“Brenda Star has been a God-send to me. Since I first started working with Brenda  my life has literally changed dramatically due to her expertise.
Over the years I  had developed serious sinus infections, allergies and had surgeries, allergy shots, many prescription drugs, steroids.  My health was deteriorating fast along with weight gain. After about 6 months I had lost 50 pound.  But the best part is that I have not had another sinus infection.   I am totally off all medication, including my cholesterol medication.  I no longer have to wear a C-PAP to sleep every night.  Unbelievable!!!!
Now here is some of the best news.   When I went in for my yearly physical after starting with Brenda, my doctor was absolutely amazed.  For someone that had gotten dramatically overweight, my blood work came back perfect. I am now the picture of health.   I now enjoy doing things with my young son that I would have never thought of doing in the past. Thank you Brenda for helping me get a new and healthy life.  I am so thankful and happy you have given me a new lease on life.” John Anderson, President, Management Recruiters of Nashville, Inc.

“I have always been a believer in natural healing, but had never known about the science of Iridology until Brenda worked with me to help correct my health problems. You can actually see the differences in the pictures of the eyes as you undergo changes in the body. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to become truly healthy inside and out.” Rebecca Holden – Singer/Actress

“Brenda Star’s insight into the human body through it’s porthole, the eyes, has been an overwhelming revelation for my health and well being. I don’t know what I would have done without her. My cardiac problems have stopped because of her herb plan for me.” Carter Wilson – Musician

“Great insight into physical ailments. She has been a tremendous help to me.” Debbi Kitchner – Owner, Dangerous Threads

“After consulting with Brenda Star and following her recommendations, I noticed a substantial difference in my health concerns within one week. I now recommend her to my patients.” Dr. Andrew Dixon, D.C, – Chiropractic Physician.

“I met Brenda a year ago and since that time my life has gone through an incredible transformation. Brenda suggested a way of life that included herbs and eliminating certain foods from my life. I started feeling energy I never I had. Brenda is a best friend and an angel on this earth.” Sharon Corbitt – Artist Manager/Promoter.