Introducing Brenda Star, Professional Speaker

Rising Star In Speaking Business……

“Brenda Star is like a breath of “fresh air” in this business. I have never met a person so consumed with a purpose in life or anyone who wants to share that purpose with the world. Her enthusiasm penetrates each heart as she delivers her message with absolute love and authority. Believe me, she is highly contagious!

Brenda Star lives what she believes and speaks. She “walks” her talk. She is “on fire,” a person with a mission. As a member of the National Speakers Association, this is a beautiful thing to watch.

Let me strongly recommend you hire Brenda Star for your next conference as a keynote speaker and seminar leader. You will more than likely have her back…just about everyone else does!!! She is that effective.”

– Jim Dale
Member of the National Speakers Association

To book Brenda Star for a speaking engagement, contact her at (615) 218-3885