Iridology Videos

This page contains a number of brief videos about iridology in general, such as “Iridology”, “Get to Know Your Iris”, “Iridology – The Paradigm Shift”, “Iridology advancement to Sclerology”,”How To Photograph An Eye!”, “Marc Sims & Dr. Scott Whitaker on Iridology”, “Erica Wise on Iridology” (3-part interview), “Secret Code for Natural Eyesight & Vision Improvement-Part 1 (Part 2 is not available), and “Paul McCartney Teaches Yoga for Our Eyes.”

The Iridology Institute Japan displayed their software that allows checking of the iris for diseases. The practice of Iridology was developed by Ignatz Von Peczely, a Hungarian physician, and examines the eye for lines, flecks, dark spots, and other things that are suspected to imply ill health conditions. According to the Iridology Institute Japan the whole body can be checked simply by taking a digital picture of the eye and analyzing it with a grid overlay. As of now this is only designed for people with dark colored irises but they are working on a system for people with lighter eyes. Some believe that iridology has no merits as a science and can lead to misdiagnosis but there are many people interested in the practice.

An introduction to an age old science as an extension of Iridology and advanced method of Health Analysis –

Photographing an eye is now easy with digital cameras. Dr. Roberto Kaplan leads you through the simple steps of using a digital still camera or video. Then cropping and scaling the size in a photo program.

Dr. Scott Whitaker, N.D., has a Doctorate in Naturopathy and is a Certified Natural Health Professional and Iridologist.

Marc Sims is a talk show host in Chicago.

Erica Wise is a Holistic Health Practitioner on the south side of Chicago.

Eyestrain and mind strain may not be the same for everybody. There appears to be a precise EyeCode® that specifically defines the most suited form of eye or vision training. In this two-part movie, Andrew Judd interviews Dr. Roberto Kaplan who explains how the genetic code of the iris can be used to determine precise natural steps for eyesight and vision improvement.