The History of Iridology

The first documented evidence between the eyes and health is attributed to a doctor by the name of Philippus Meyens in 1670.

Later in the 1800s the popularity and promotion of iridology in Europe grew like wildfire through Dr. Ignatz von Pedczely a Hungarian physician who also used homeopathics in his practice.

The science and practice of iridology has been developed and studied ever since.

Medical doctors regularly use this practice in Europe as their initial diagnostic technique.

In Russia, only medical doctors are taught iridology. It is only in North America that iridology seems to be primarily in the hands of the natural health practitioners. That’s probably because of the nature of iridology and its intimacy with herbology and natural health modalities.

Our medical system teaches how to diagnose and treat disease where as iridology teaches a person how to live better to reach their wellness potential.

Dr Bernard Jenson, D.C., N.D., Ph.D., known as the father of iridology in the United States (and one of my greatest iridology and nutrition teachers) brought iridology to the natural health world. He practiced, wrote about, studied and taught its wondrous applications for over 60 years before his death in his 90s.