Lifestyles for the Fit and Fabulous

holden-02“I have always been a believer in natural healing, but had never known about the science of Iridology until Brenda worked with me to help correct my health problems. You can actually see the differences in the pictures of the eyes as you undergo changes in the body. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to become truly healthy inside and out.”

-Rebecca Holden – Singer/Actress

If anyone knows about fit and fabulous it is Brenda Star. She walks her talk and practices what she preaches. With her knowledge and experience, Brenda has the reputation among her clients of being able to take practically any health challenge and bring about (with the person’s lifestyle change) fabulous results.

She offers the help, guidance, and support to those ready to make the change to a life of being “fit and fabulous” and of optimum health.

Brenda says “I get so attached to my clients, they seem like family. I love them so much.”

In addition to studying and researching everything she can get her hands on to help people get well, she also prays for her clients asking for restoration of their health and well being.

Brenda Star and iridology have become synonymous in the Tennessee area. Iridology is a natural and drugless system of analyzing and caring for the body through the study of the optic nerve in the iris of the eye. Brenda can see blockages, congestion, deficiencies, etc. in the body and can go straight to the problem.

“The body is an amazing vehicle that can heal itself if given the chance.” says Brenda.

Used correctly, a person can receive information about her/his health from iridology that no other analytical strategy can provide. As such, iridology should be viewed as an integral part of a total health care approach.

With over 20 years in the field of health and wellness, Brenda has witnessed numerous miraculous life changes in the health of her clients. In addition to being a certified iridologist, Brenda is also a certified natural health care professional with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of how to bring about restoration to the body.

“People cannot coast anymore and have good health. In today’s world of environmental toxicity and pollution, one has to work to achieve and maintain good health. You have to make a lifestyle choice to be free from disease such as fatigue, obesity, depression, digestive problems, joint pains, addictions, and more.”

Using iridology, the eyes reveal the underlying problematic areas that manifest themselves as dis-ease, thus being able to pinpoint the glands and organs that are affected and to what degree.

When a person starts to “clean up their act,” the body’s cells begin to heal themselves, just the way nature designed them to do. With Brenda’s guidance, any person can see the changes reflected in their eyes as well as experience the life-changing improvements in their health.

Brenda commits a great deal of her time and energy to the continuing study, research, teachings, and education of those who are ready to make a commitment to their own health. As such Brenda is available to speak to your company, organization, charity, church, or any interested group of individuals.

With hundreds of testimonials to her credit, Brenda is still leading the field with her pioneering spirit of creating a more healthy and knowledgeable society.

“My dream is to work side by side with the area’s outstanding medical facilities and professionals to create a healthier city.”